Quarantine Releases

quarantine releaseSpread the Word, Not the Weeds!


All farm products sold in Park County must have a District Wide Quarantine release.  Both the buyer and the seller are responsible for compliance and may be fined if in violation.

The District Wide Quarantine states that all landowners must control noxious weeds on their lands to prevent them from spreading to the detriment of others. This requires that all farm products being grown in Park County must be inspected for the 30 Wyoming Designated Noxious weed species in addition to the 16 County declared noxious weed species. The landowner must obtain a quarantine release BEFORE the crop is harvested and moved off the land on which they were grown. This includes all row crops and forage crops. The only exception is forage being processed for livestock and being fed on the same land (without accessing any “public” roadways) on which it was grown.

The requirements for being released from the District Wide Quarantine are that the producer use any method to control the movement of propagating parts of noxious weed. This can including mowing, cutting, roguing, cultivating, spraying with pesticides, or any other method that prevents any viable seed or root parts from being moved of the land on which it was grown.  The District Wide Quarantine also includes but is not limited to topsoil and gravel.

Most producers are familiar with this process and have taken the necessary preventative measures so that any noxious species have been controlled. With the increased development currently taking place in the county, we have had an increase in the number of people requesting inspections. If there have been no control measures implemented, Park County Weed and Pest staff will work with those producers to assist them in developing a plan so that they may obtain the required release.  Ultimately it is our intention to prevent the spread of noxious species by offering technical assistance if the producer is in need.

If you plan on selling or moving farm products off the property where it was produced,  contact Park County Weed and Pest so that we may perform this required inspection.   307-754-4521