About Us

Russian OliveWelcome to Park County Weed and Pest Control District’s Website.  Park County Weed and Pest Control District is a county entity authorized by Wyoming Statute 11-5-101. The purpose of the district is to implement and pursue an effective program for the control of designated noxious weeds and pests. To carry out this responsibility, the Park County Commissioners appoint a board consisting of seven members who represent different areas of the county. It is funded by tax dollars based on the county valuation and approved by the County Commissioners.

The district hires staff as needed to carry out duties of the district. Currently there are five full-time staff members, seasonal employees, and contracted individuals or companies. In addition, the district provides support to the University of Wyoming Cooperative Education Service to provide horticultural specialists in both Cody and Powell. One of the services provided by the district is the sale of pesticides to the local taxpayer. These are generally products for the control of noxious weeds and pests. To provide services across the county, the district has three facilities located in Powell, Cody and Meeteetse.

Park County Weed and Pest is also responsible for enforcing the Wyoming Weed and Pest Act. Park County is one of the few districts that have a district-wide quarantine which requires that before any crop can be harvested and moved off the land it was grown on, it must be inspected and released by a district staff member.