PCWP Grant Opportunities

Russian Olive GrantsIn addition to our “Cost Share Programs” Park County Weed and Pest control District also has the following grants available to assist private landowners within the county in the management of designated and declared noxious weeds and to comply with the Wyoming Weed and Pest Act.


No Grant Opportunities are available at this time; however, there are many Cost Share Programs to assist Park County residents with specific noxious weeds and/or pests. 


NEW Applications for the Shoshone/Clarks Fork River Coordinated Resource Managment Grant (SCFCRM)  will no longer be accepted.  Over 60 landowners participated in this grant program and removed 1100+ acres of Russian olive.  The majority of the projects were completed on the lower Southfork of the Shoshone River corridor below Powell.    Good land stewardship is a long term commitment, continued monitoring and treatment of regrowth will be ongoing.  Thanks to all program participants for your efforts. 

Although funding is no longer available from the SCFCRM grant, Park County Weed and Pest Control District will still cost share 50% of the cost of herbicde for effective treament. 

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