Early Detection Rapid Response

You Can Help Defend Our Favorite Places!

Park County Weed and Pest Control District is recruiting and training volunteers to become part of the “Park County Wyoming Volunteer Early Detection/Rapid Response (ED/RR) Strike Team.”

Team members participate in the early detection and rapid response of new invaders and existing infestation of known invaders on our public lands. With public lands in Park County accounting for approximately 85% of the 4.6 million acres, we need more “boots on the ground and eyes in the field.”

To defend our Public Lands from the invasion of non-native invasive (noxious) species via a network of trained Early Detection volunteers in order to improve the performance of
Park County Rapid Response tactics.


EDRR Blue WeedIt’s a Weed, Not a Wildflower!

Invasive species are a pressing environmental and economic threat. The best way to limit impacts of nonnative species is to prevent them from invading and becoming established in a new area. If this fails, eradication may still be possible, but generally only if the species is identified and treated quickly. Once established, costly efforts to restrict spread to un-infested areas may limit further damage.


EDRR Diagram

Who are Volunteer Strike Team Members?

Volunteers are people who care about the health of our lands and want to help prevent the ecological and economic damage associated with noxious (invasive) plant invasions. Essentially anyone willing to donate the time necessary for learning the species of concern and to spend time surveying for these invaders as they are enjoying our public lands.


EDRR WeedsWhat does a Volunteer Strike Team Member do?

  1. Learn the weeds of concern.
  2. Look for weeds.
  3. Document and report weeds. Materials and equipment are provided.

Help Defend our Favorite Places!

Join the “Park County Wyoming Volunteer Early Detection/Rapid Response (ED/RR) Strike Team”.
For more information or to be a part of this team use the Contact Us tab.