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Non-native invaders are silently encroaching on Wyoming’s wildlife habitat. Noxious weeds are species have aggressive characteristics that limit our native plants’ ability to compete with them for the resources all plants need: water, sunlight and space.  Sportsman are our NUMBER 1 Conservationist!

Help defend Wyoming’s natural resources by taking the following steps:

  • Play, Clean, Go!  Or in this case…Hunt, Clean, Go!
    • REMOVE plants, animals & mud from boots, gear, pets,& vehicle.
    • CLEAN your gear before entering & leaving the recreation site.
    • USE CERTIFIED or local firewood & hay
  • Prevent noxious weeds from spreading. Make sure your property is noxious weed free.
  • Feed livestock weed-free forage for several days before you enter the backcountry.
  • Report any noxious weeds or other suspicious looking plants that you may find to Park County Weed and Pest Control District (307-754-4521), nearest agency office or private landowner. You can also use your Smartphone to report noxious weed infestations: Get the FREE app @

To schedule an on-site weed identification seminar for your sportsman’s group, call Park County Weed and Pest Control District at 307-754-4521.

Click on the following links to view or download educational materials about noxious weeds and the important role sportsman can play in their control:

A Sportsman’s Guide to Invasive Species

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Backcountry Horseman Checklist

FREE Smartphone app for reporting noxious weed infestations:

Reporting Invasive Species.    Free APP EDDMapS WEST Training

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