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Fall Weed Control 0

Fall Weed Control

Fall is the perfect time to get a jump on next years weeds, especially those complex perennial weeds that spread from the root system. Check out the October 2017  issue of the Thistle for...

It’s Not Too Late for Fall Weed Control 0

It’s Not Too Late for Fall Weed Control

There’s still time to fight your weeds (Powell Tribune) By Mary McKinney Guest columnist No doubt about it, the crisp change in the weather has us thinking about hunting, harvests, football and those darn...

Got Cheatgrass?  Act Now! 0

Got Cheatgrass? Act Now!

Cheatgrass control can be obtained but may be a labor intensive project!  Integrated management is necessary for success in dealing with this invader.  A winter annual, it usually germinates late summer or early fall. ...